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Tony Kakkar’s sole contribution, Sawan aaya seems like an odd, dated mix of Mithoon and Nadeem Shravan. The Unplugged version, despite being awkwardly sung by Tony, brings out the melody better. Mithoon opens his account with Hum naa rahein, yet another track that sounds exactly like any Mithoon number, but Benny’s soft turn offers good […]

Saturday August 9, 2014 21:09

Galipatam (Music review), Telugu – Bheems

Shankar Mahadevan is at his best in Dinchaka dinchaka, cooly handling the raucuously catchy tune. Adnan Sami and Shreya get a Mani Sharma’ish melody in Hey paaru – nothing new, but good while it lasts with it’s pleasant sound. Dhoomapaanam would make Mani Sharma proud again – pulsating sound with nifty touches to add to […]

Saturday August 9, 2014 21:09

Ala Ela (Music review), Telugu – Bheems

Dhanak dhanak is incredibly catchy Andhra kuthu cooked to perfection and delivered with gusto by Neha Kakkar and composer Bheems! No mistake uses an anthemic rhythm competently and Ranjith handles it effortlessly. Pranavi breezes through the ambient, likeable melody in Prati chinukulo, while Sooraj, aided by some digital vocalizing makes the pathos-laden Yenduke engaging. Sooraj […]

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