Thagadu Thagadu (Music review), Tamil – Balamurali Balu

Mama Obama is truly a world song – multiple languages, and the lady announces that she’s a porn star in bed (besides being in your bed on Sundays)… poor Obama! Naan naanaga illai is a complete turn-around by debutant Balamurali Balu – pretty engaging, soft melody sung well by Haricharan and Chinmayi, and some imaginative interludes. Oru CD 30 roobai gets its lyrics right, espousing on the ills of piracy, though the tune is functional at best. The more flashy trailer version of the same song sounds a lot more inventive! Some hope for this debutant, thanks to Naan naanaga.

Keywords: Thagadu Thagadu, Balamurali Balu