Thottaal Thodarum (Music review), Tamil – P.C.Shivan

Bossu bossu‘s evocative wonder about news and newspaper seems like an odd subject to be endowed with that alluring jazz sound – the contrast is interesting! Anthony Dasan owns the song like only he can. Poo pola sounds like an amateur college band’s first single, while Penne penne too barely makes a mark with its languorous pace. The instrumentals are all over the place. Yaaruda machan does surprise, with its Anandhabhairavi’ish (?) tune, though the lyrical flow is rather awkward for such a lovely raaga usage. P.C.Shivan’s debut is not a washout, but the promise is just a sliver… not pronounced.

Keywords: Thottaal Thodarum, P.C.Shivan