Ramanujan (Music review), Tamil – Ramesh Vinayagam

Veteran Vani Jayaram is still in incredible form in Narayana, a resonant bhajan that is constructed beautifully to reflect the form of music prevalent in the beginning of the century, steeped in classical music but also a peekaboo strings orchestra. Young Karthik Suresh does his part really well too. Ramesh’s nifty touches like the non-stop extended verses in anupallavi add tremendous value. The orchestral sound is built brilliantly in Vinkadantha jodhiyaai, complete with scintillating oboe and piano pieces. Unnikrishnan is impeccable in his rendition of Thirumazhisai Aazhwaar’s rich and pure Tamil lines! Ramesh works with GermanPops Orchestra to carve the four instrumental pieces in the soundtrack. While English Notes builds on Muthiah Bagavathar’s famous Shankarabharanam-based English notes brilliantly, the Theme is poignant, with lovely oboe usage. Mystic mind‘s piano base is captivating, while One To Zero is reminiscent of Ilayaraja’s flourish in his western music pursuits. The soundtrack’s pièce de résistance is Thuli thuliyay, an immaculately arranged retro-style melody that is incredibly nuanced in the orchestration, with a profusion of instruments all working in mindblowing synchrony! Ramesh sings both versions fabulously, with Vinaya and Kaushiki Chakrabarty giving him equally good support. Take a bow, Mr.Vinayagam! You deserve so much more!

Keywords: Ramanujan, Ramesh Vinayagam, #200, 200