Lai Bhaari (Music review), Marathi – Ajay-Atul

Ajay sounds a lot like Sukhwinder Singh in the booming Mauli mauli, a captivating prayer form that the duo has already mastered! Kunal Ganjawala rules over New nava tarana; the tune is catchy, with its rich theatrical music, while Aala holicha is very filmy, but the arrangements and foot-tapping rhythm makes a huge difference. Ye na saajna is Shreya’s solo show, despite the middling tune. Jeev bhulala easily wins the soundtrack! Sonu Nigam and Shreya sing this enthralling melody even as the duo adorn it with their imaginative sound beautifully. Ajay-Atul are at their usual, imaginative form in Lai Bhaari.

Keywords: Lai Bhaari, Ajay-Atul