Filmistaan (Music review), Hindi – Arijit Datta

Swaroop Khan pulls off the pulsating Udaari well, but the remixed-Euphoria sound has its limits. The short Uljhi depends a lot on Arijit’s vocals and the guitar, and both don’t let the song down. Shafqat is the star of the haunting, sufi penance-like Bhugol – fairly interesting sound! Bol’s Indipop sound manages to hold the attention with its folk’ish tune and some Buddha Bar style backgrounds. Ditto with Bebaak; but the sound is more impressive than the generic tune, though Nikhil D’Souza vocals offer the necessary oomph, as is usual. Ex-Agnee Arijit Datta’s Bollywood debut is a largely tepid affair.

Keywords: Filmistaan, Arijit Datta