Maine Pyar Kiya (Music review), Telugu – V. Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep nails the sound in Kadalakunda, a lively track sung wonderfully well by the composer himself. The pitch perfect drums and sax sound goes fabulously with the tune and seems like a new age variant of classic Ilayaraja music of the 80s! Sean Roldan breezes through the captivating kuthu fusion in Ee prema manakoddhu – the tune is thoroughly engaging, with nifty touches like corny Hindi dialogs, superb harmonium accompanying the tune and a hilarious Tamil ending! Shwaase nuvve is simply delightful! Shakthishree is in her impeccable form, with excellent support from Pradeep, while the backgrounds offer a tantalizing soundscape. In Ningilona, the way Pradeep integrates the baul’ish string instrument, violins and a distinctly Keralite percussion is fascinating, particularly because the tune seems very 50s Tamil – tone heck of an imaginatively conjured song! Kalyani Nair’s other version is serene with a lovely chorus. Abhay Jodhpurkar and Kalyani Nair get a stunning tune in Adiginde, enchantingly orchestrated with a stunning violin and sitar mix mid-way! Pandu theme is very, very Santhosh Narayanan – bizarre, funny and funky dialog mix. Looks like Santhosh and Sean Roldan’s association has rubbed off on Pradeep really well – his debut is assured and fantastic!

Keywords: Maine Pyar Kiya, V. Pradeep Kumar, 200, #200

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