Samrat & Co. (Music review), Hindi – Ankit Tiwari, Mithoon & Gopal, Anand, Pawan

Tequila wakila is a competently foot-tapping rehash of the typical Enrique/Ricky Martin sound, with great vocals by Shreya and Ankit. Ankit’s other composition, Sawaalon mein soars with its intriguing, sweeping tune thanks to Shreya’s fantastic vocals. Gopal, Anand, Pawan composed title song is adequately background’ish. The soundtrack’s highlight is Mithoon’s Shukra tera, a gorgeously serene ballad sung from the woman’s perspective. Chinmayi sounds completely different from her usual self, but Arijit seems a bit out of sorts! Its other version, O hum navaa is neat variant, with better male vocals by Mithoon and Gajendra Verma. Nice little soundtrack, this one!

Keywords: Samrat & Co., Ankit Tiwari, Mithoon, Gopal, Anand, Pawan