Tenali Raman (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

With Shreya’s artificially calibrated hiccups and a tune that is a distant echo of Ilayaraja’s similar retro efforts, Aanazhagu feels merely derivative. Aey vayaadi and Nenje nenje’s uninspiring tunes don’t help either, made worse by the uncomfortable mix of retro intention delivered through a modern set-up. Udal vaangalayo does mildly better, but is still undone by a tame 60s Latino sound that was in vogue back then. Rampapa rampapa has a nice enough lilt, but also comes with a distinctly funny S A Rajkumar sound. With a rather mundane attempt at ‘retro’, Tenali Raman is Imman’s weakest in recent times!

Keywords: Tenali Raman, D.Imman