Queen (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

London thumakda is the soundtrack’s most straight-forward and accessible song – simple, catchy tune, sung with earthy flavor by Labh Janjua with the right dollop of enthusiasm. O gujariya too falls in that zone – easy listening techno ditty with the right punch and disapassionately manic singing by Shefali and Nikhil. Badra bahaar sees Amit return to his Dev.D form – captivating tune, sung by himself amidst a ecstatic soundscape with even the occasional veena-style guitar playing peekaboo along with fantastic rock guitaring! A different kind of fancy guitaring is evident in Taake jhanke too, with its super engaging rock base and Arjit Singh singing his heart out. Jugni is the other Dev.D style number, helmed by Amit himself with a winsome 80s pop sound, while Nandini Srikar seems perfect for the intriguingly concieved tune in Harjaiyaan that layers the beguiling sound over a very North East Indian flavor. Kinare starts off in standard rock format, but as the sitar kicks in, the sax opens too and along with the guitar, it’s a lovely mix! Rupesh Kumar Ram’s heartfelt Punjabi composition and vocals in Ranjha is a huge plus, along with that ambient background. Queen is Amit Trivedi proving he’s king… again!

Keywords: Queen, Amit Trivedi, 200, #200