Aaha Kalyanam (Music review), Tamil – Dharan Kumar

Kadha kadha and Bon bon sound like Tamilized Yash Raj Punju songs; the discomfort shows. The Tanglish ballad Honeyae honeyae is no different – uneasy fit; the female version by Supriya Ramalingam, even more so! Benny and Usha rock Koottali, with that punchy rhythm and catchy tune. Mazhayin saaralil too is easy-on-the-ears, with good vocals by Swetha Mohan and Naresh Iyer. Aaha kalyanam instrumental and Punch song are functional mish-mashes. The soundtrack’s highlight is Padhiye – both versions, by Shakthishree, and Abhay Jodhpurkar – an enchanting melody vaguely reminiscent of Ilayaraja’s Oru raagam paadalodu! More YRF and very less Dharan.

Keywords: Dharan Kumar, Aaha Kalyanam