Jilla (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Imman aims for a Thalapathy-Kaattu Kuyilu style male-leads duet in Paattu onnu and with a pulsating chendai section, and inspiring vocals by SPB and Shankar Mahadevan, almost pulls it off too! He sings Verasa pogayile himself and does mighty well because he nails the lilting melody and backgrounds wonderfully, adding fantastic innovations in the tune for the anupallavi! Sunidhi Chauhan rocks the immensely danceable Jingunamani like only she can! Ranjith offers good support, but it is Imman who is the song’s real hero, with his captivating orchestration! The composer makes an interesting choice of getting Vijay to sing a softer melody in Kandaangi, unlike the usual style of relegating him to a dance track! Though Vijay seems tentative initially, he picks up the thread impressively as the anupallavi flows and offers good support to Shreya, in what is already a very hummable melody! Unfortunately, the soundtrack loses steam with Imman oddly deciding to revert to his earlier, not-so-impressive for for Yeppa maama treatu and to some extent, the Jilla theme too, barring the impressive chendai finale. But, for most of the soundtrack, Imman brings his own flavor, making Jilla the best soundtrack for a Vijay film in a long time!

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