Dedh Ishqiya (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Bhardwaj

Vishal, thankfully, does not sing Dil ka mizaaj, like Matru’s Khamaka; he gets Rahat to do the singing, resulting in pure, dulcet magic! Rahat’s other song, Zabaan jale hai, à la Jagjit Singh ghazal’s 2.0 version is equally good! The techno-mujra Hamari atariya, despite Rekha Bhardwaj, feels contrived, but she makes up with Jagaave saari raina, a superb, semi-classical song! Kya hoga, the qawali, is pitch-perfect and wonderfully listenable and Vishal effectively de-Honeys Yo Yo Honey Singh in Horn OK Please; along with Sukhwinder Singh, he delivers a heady, foot-tapping song! Vishal, the composer, rises to the occasion, as usual!

Keywords: Vishal Bhardwaj, Dedh Ishqiya

Note 1: The way this soundtrack has been released – by Shemaroo Entertainment – is the most absurd I have witnessed in recent times. A tweet from them, on December 18th, 6:07pm, says, “Download the Official ‘Dedh Ishqiya App’ and listen to all the songs now! Click here (link)”. The accompanying image has titles of 5 songs – on that day, Saavn had listed 4 songs and Gaana had listed 5 songs, from this film. The same day, at 9:59pm, they tweet, “Get ready for ‘HORN OK PLEASE’…”! And, when I asked them a question about what ‘all songs’ mean when they themselves refer to a new song after referring to ‘all songs’, they don’t respond at all! To top it all, here’s Shemaroo’s head talking about how the Yo Yo Honey Singh track was not a last-minute addition! Even this article has a rather funny sentence that goes, ‘Currently, all five tracks are available out of the six tracks. The first trailer of the film is also available’. I have a feeling Shemaroo doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘all’ at all 🙂

Note 2: On a different note, an app for a film/soundtrack doesn’t make sense to me at all, personally. The trailers and clips seem better monetized and accessed via, say YouTube. The music too, via YouTube, or streaming sites. The low number of downloads indicate that too (barely 100+). So, I’m not entirely sure what the Shemaroo head quoted in the story finds ‘encouraging’ in the app traction!