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Wednesday December 25, 2013 20:16

Jilla (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Imman aims for a Thalapathy-Kaattu Kuyilu style male-leads duet in Paattu onnu and with a pulsating chendai section, and inspiring vocals by SPB and Shankar Mahadevan, almost pulls it off too! He sings Verasa pogayile himself and does mighty well because he nails the lilting melody and backgrounds wonderfully, adding fantastic innovations in the tune […]

Wednesday December 25, 2013 18:35

Dedh Ishqiya (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Bhardwaj

Vishal, thankfully, does not sing Dil ka mizaaj, like Matru’s Khamaka; he gets Rahat to do the singing, resulting in pure, dulcet magic! Rahat’s other song, Zabaan jale hai, à la Jagjit Singh ghazal’s 2.0 version is equally good! The techno-mujra Hamari atariya, despite Rekha Bhardwaj, feels contrived, but she makes up with Jagaave saari […]

The two Islamic religious songs – Khwaja ji and the unlisted (in the CD) Zikr – are handled with a Rahman-level piety, but without compromising on commercial viability, with a deep, sonorous sound. Chillendra chillendra extends that quasi-religious/sufi sound in a decidedly more commercial template rather well, peppered with occasional Hindi words. Ghibran-regular Sundar Narayana […]

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