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Friday December 13, 2013 22:03

Milliblog Annual Music round-up 2013

This is the 6th year of my annual musical round-up on Milliblog. Compared to any other year, I’m glad that I have been able to listen and share my view on many more songs in 2 languages that get the wrong end of the stick year after year – Malayalam and Kannada. One good reason […]

The title song‘s 3rd variant is more glitzy, pointless sound the original tune; Naya’s Arabic version feels mildly different thanks to the language. Malang sounds safe – throws in Middle-Eastern exotica, familiar sufi to concoct an easily catchy song. Kamli holds some frenzied and innovative orchestration, while conforming to YRF’s Punjabi guidelines. Mohit Chauhan carries […]

Mithoon overdoes his soaked-in-pathos sound in Baarish and Mujhe ishq se, both involving a searing ‘Yeeeeeeaaaaaareeeeyaaaaan’. The former works, in Aashiqui 2 mode, while the latter has Tulsi Kumar… ’nuff said. Honey Singh-composed Sunny sunny is frivolously catchy with clinical, repetitive hooks. Arko is saddled with the job of creating a ‘judai’ and an inspirational […]

Kaadhal nergayil is perhaps Prakash’s n’th song with a similar structure – semi-Hindustani’ish sound and a likeable melody; good till it lasts, but too familiar. Gaana Bala runs amok in Don’t worry be happy like only he can – typical, but good fun. Rajadhi raja is a bland, lifeless hero intro song, while the Gita […]

Kalyani Menon’s Shuklam Bharatham is thankfully untouched by Dharan. Appa tucker and Avan ivan come loaded with gimmicky sounds and rather simplistic tunes that help surface beyond the noise. STR’s Kutti payale too has an endearing tune, but the free-flowing lyrics that force-fit with the tune play spoilsport. Pattampoochi, sung by VTV Ganesh, is the […]

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