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Wednesday November 6, 2013 20:12

Vizha (Music review), Tamil – James Vasanthan

Madura ennum sounds as spontaneous as a urumi melam troupe, with a lovely tune. Latha Krishna rules over the pensive and serene Ennacho edhacho, with orchestration kept to a haunting minimum. Ennatha solla sees James going the Imman-way – lovely, lilting song! Sollama kollama has excellent vocals by Raghuram and Latha Krishna, over a gorgeous […]

Wednesday November 6, 2013 20:10

Ivan Veramaathiri (Music review), Tamil – C.Sathya

Malaya porattala is a disjoint, occasionally absorbing hero introduction. Enna marandhaen goes through the motion in a pleasant, but familiar template common to such melodies. Ranga ranga is where Sathya gets his groove with that wonderfully tuneful and rhythmic package, while Thanimayilae, a slow-burning, sweeping pathos track is a fantastic showcase of Sathya’s skills; beautifully […]

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