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Saturday November 30, 2013 22:55

Top recent listens (November 2013)

November 2013 has been one of the best months in recent memory – so many good songs, across languages! Ishq di booti, Laage re nain & Tori chab – Coke Studio, Season 6 – Episode 2 Looks like Coke Studio is picking up its impressive creds from the fairly disappointing first episode – this one […]

Tuesday November 26, 2013 20:21

Welcome to Tamil cinema, Justin Prabhakaran!

Recent earworm: The song from Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum – Onakkaaga Poranthaenae! Totally addicted to the lovely tune, enough to write about it in a separate entry! From whatever limited memory I have, we have very few period-transition songs in Indian films… where a song starts with one period in time (the kind of music associated with […]

Amartya Rahut’s Goti jaam mixes heavy metal, Manoj Yadav’s funky lyrics and occasionally interesting guitar, but doesn’t really deliver. Amartya’s other song, Maasiji, is an embarassing mess! Mrigya’s Indraneel Hariharan has a winner in Samjhe na koi that layers Sarita Vardhan’s soulful Hindustani-style vocals to a funky and dubstep’pish sound! Dhruv Dhalla’s Saddi hobby gets […]

Ranina Reddy’s singing is perfect for the punchy, seductive Raja ra, while Gangs of Ditchpally is a mad mix, invoking catchy hip-hop sound and Gaptun Vijaykanth! Santosh reuses his own Come na come as-is, and Naa kooda seems like its distant cousin – disparate sounds mixed to an accordion-led, interesting tune. Raa balamani sees Santosh […]

Velmurugan’s Unnai vanagathaa makes odd use of TMS’s evergreen Murugan song, Unnai ninaikadha naalillai, while Mukkulathu seems background’ish at best. Thanjai Selvi’s Enga pora, however, makes a strong impact as a soaked-in-folk pathos laden song. It’s extreme opposite is Pushpanam Kuppusamy’s Kombu oothi, a lively folk celebration of sorts, with a melodious interlude that occurs […]

Back in September this year, Kannada composer Gurukiran sued the producers of the Telugu film ‘Potugadu’ for using two songs from his film, Govindaya Namaha’ without his permission. Potugadu is the official (that is, rights sought and paid for) remake of Govindaya Namaha. The Times of India reported that Gurukiran was offered a tidy sum […]

Enga ooru vandi, despite all the exuberant singing, feels labored. Onakkaga poranthene crafts a lovely tune for the retro and Raja’esque styles, subtly and imaginatively, between its anupallavi and charanam, well supported by the four singers. It’s other version, Enakkaga poranthaye, is good too – orchestrated to sound almost like a 90s Raja song! Kaadhal […]

Parasiva seems like the perfect candidate for a arena-folk anthem – with incredibly catchy percussion and superb vocals and acoustic guitar by Raghu, this is a fabulous opener! The package is so ebullient that the language, or it sounding alien to a large segment in India, hardly seems to be matter. Rain Song‘s possibly Gambheera […]

Enna enna idhu is absolutely fascinating – that typical James Vasanthan style slow burner like Kangal Irandaal from Subramaniapuram, fabulously sung by Jai and Sai Sudha amidst a lovely smattering of harmonica, flute and piano! Manasula manasula, despite the largely pleasant tune, seems jaded as an overall package. Koothadikudhu koothadikudhu has a harmonious sound, with […]

Tuesday November 19, 2013 21:04

Thagararu (Music review), Tamil – Dharan Kumar

Anna nadai is yet another seemingly authentic Tamil folk song that has a tune that simply goes everywhere. Nanba nanba is the kind of song that ‘puts of a lot of sound-u’ but falls flat. Super thirudan has a manic rhythm that keeps the predictable tune good company, while the theme just passes muster. The […]

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