Bullett Raja (Music review), Hindi – Sajid-Wajid & RDB

The title song has the same kuthu-energy as any other South Indian hero introduction song, while Don’t touch my body is adequately and simplistically bawdy. In the catchy Jai Govinda, the composers utilize the Pritam style quite effectively and also effortlessly appropriate parts of Mere naseeb main’s Sharma gayee interlude, while Satake thoko doesn’t have all that luck. RDB’s sole contribution, Tamanche pe disco is ideal only for a drunk Punjabi wedding. The soundtrack’s clear winner is Saamne hai savera, an almost Pancham’esque melody led superbly Shreya Ghoshal. From utterly pointless soundtracks, this one is surprisingly decent progress for Sajid-Wajid!

Keywords: Sajid-Wajid, Bullett Raja