All in All Azhagu Raja (Music review), Tamil – Thaman S

The title song is a catchy listen, with a Raakkamma-Kunitha puruvamum-style interlude and an authentic radio ad! Yamma yamma is Thaman-template all the way, but the simple catchy tune and Carnatic mandolin (guitar?) makes it work! The soundtrack’s highlights are the 2 Ilayaraja-redux tracks – Yaarukkum (and it’s mish-mash, Orae oru) appropriates it’s foot-tapping rhythm from En Jeevan Paaduthu’s Kattivachukko, while Unna paartha uses both the ‘rapapa’ and the addictive rhythm from Thendrale Ennai Thodu’s Kavithai paadu kuyile! Both seem to be intentionally crafted to remind one of Raja and, with newer tunes, they rock! Short, lively, fun soundtrack, this!

Keywords: All in All Azhagu Raja, Thaman S