Sunday August 25, 2013

Megha (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

Posted by Karthik

For an enchanting tune like Mugilo, complete with amazing violins, the choice of Yuvan is heartbreakingly questionable. Yuvan’s voice seems better suited for Chellam konjum, but along with Enna vendum, Raja’s tunes are awkwardly outdated at best. Raja’s anguished cry in Jeevane is incredible, as if he’s singing out to his late wife, propped by gorgeous violins, while the change of rhythm in Kalvane works fabulously to its advantage, but for the bizarre gear-shifting in the anupallavi! Putham puthu sounds incredibly fresh even today, as it always has! Some odd choices mar what could have been vastly different, in Megha.

Keywords: Megha, Ilayaraja, Mega



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