Vanakkam Chennai (Music review), Tamil – Anirudh

The way Anirudh employs Ananthkrrishnan’s violin in the folksy Osaka, and Balesh’s shehnai in the more modern Ailasa for essentially the same time is a lovely contrast! Hey is more of Ethirneechal, complete with Yuvan-style celtic usage, while Engadi porandha is at best an occasionally interesting melange, featuring Baasha! Chennai city gangsta is dance-worthy noise, but the soundtrack ends on a superb high with Oh penne, Vishal and Anirudh joining to sing a fabulously impactful melody! It’s international version is more labored, however. Vanakkam Chennai is an interesting soundtrack, but has Anirudh’s past catching up too early in his career.

Keywords: Anirudh Ravichandar, Vanakkam Chennai