Archive for July 28th, 2013

The way Anirudh employs Ananthkrrishnan’s violin in the folksy Osaka, and Balesh’s shehnai in the more modern Ailasa for essentially the same time is a lovely contrast! Hey is more of Ethirneechal, complete with Yuvan-style celtic usage, while Engadi porandha is at best an occasionally interesting melange, featuring Baasha! Chennai city gangsta is dance-worthy noise, […]

Otta thumbi is typical Vidyasagar – a gorgeous folksy melody backed by a resonant sound and Raja-styled violin interludes, and sung fabulously by Shankar Mahadevan and Chithra. Cheru cheru‘s mock techno sound and Hai hai‘s forced frenzy and celebration hardly work. The short pulipulikalil -with endearing vocals by young Varsha Renjith – is background’ish at […]

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