Auto Raja (Music review), Kannada – Arjun Janya

Arjun assembles the most absorbing sounds in Preethi maado that works even for the simple masala tune. The composer rocks Node node, composing and singing the lilting faux-Hindustani tune with elan. But the composer’s voice hardly suits the Ganesh-puraana in Autoraja, even though he nails the tune rather well. Shame shame and Sachinu batting ge are pointless and forgettable, but the short Kannina kaadige by Chandan Shetti is one of those songs that should not have been this short! The commercial push shows in Arjun’s material, but its heartening to see the composer making the cut even in such ventures.

Keywords: Arjun Janya, Auto Raja, Comedy Time Ganesh, Shankar Nag