Om 3D (Music review), Telugu – Achu

Baba Sehgal gets something different in Pada pada and he pulls it off rather well, though Sai Karthik’s tune is no great shakes, while his theme passes muster, in a background’s way. Sai’s other song, Right now is a massively confusing tune that goes haywire – Baba Sehgal back to his usual mindlessness. Achu, the other composer owns the soundtrack with his three songs! Cheliya, sung by Achu himself is breezy and hummable, while Endukila is a pleasant technopop melody sung well by Haricharan and Chinmayi. Ranjith’s Holi holi is a catchy and well produced rabble-rouser! Achu saves this Om!

Keywords: Om 3D, Achu