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Anjjan Meet Bros’ Robinhood has a rhyming and rhythmic hook that works even amidst that tried and tested South Indian style song. Of the 4 songs by Himesh, Chura ke lena is very 90s, but is actually a sweet tune. That 90s trick however doesn’t work for Tirat keri tu and Shabbir Ahmed only makes […]

NW1W. Looks like Vikraman hasn’t left the 2000s. Keywords: Vikraman, Ninaithathu Yaaro, X.Paulraj

Tuesday June 18, 2013 20:59

Om 3D (Music review), Telugu – Achu

Baba Sehgal gets something different in Pada pada and he pulls it off rather well, though Sai Karthik’s tune is no great shakes, while his theme passes muster, in a background’s way. Sai’s other song, Right now is a massively confusing tune that goes haywire – Baba Sehgal back to his usual mindlessness. Achu, the […]

Carrying a decade-old Rahman sound doesn’t seem to impact Kulu kulunguthu much! Chinmayi carries this dulcet melody where Selva underplays the orchestration to let the tune come out beautifully. Vairamuthu’s word play is interesting in Palli koodam, but the jaded tune barely works. Maalai soodiya too, despite excellent vocals by Karthik and Manasi, has a […]

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