Victory (Music review), Kannada – Arjun Janya

Kanna minche is perfectly functional Arjun Janya melody material – captivating hooks and excellent backgrounds! Sonu’s solo version is equally good, as is the duet with Anuradha Bhat. Anuradha also delivers a competent pathos version too! Vijay Prakash drunk Khali quarter gets its rhythm bang-on, while Two one za two is annoying with its super synthesized vocals. Vone vone, featuring Mika makes the nth use of the template pioneered (in India) first by Partner’s Soni de nakhre. Yakka nin magalu is the soundtrack’s highlight – pulsating techno dance number by Kailash Kher and veteran LR Eshwari! Arjun Janya the dependable!

Keywords: Arjun Janya, Victory