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Sunday June 9, 2013 21:29

Inferno (Dan Brown)

Much like Amish Tripathi’s Shiva series, I found the writing in Dan Brown’s Inferno appallingly bad. Most of his expressions are oddly repeated as if to state it with an air of finality… twice, in the expectation that we won’t get it the first time. But, again, much like Shiva trilogy, what kept me hooked […]

Puneeth’s coarse voice actually works in favor of the foot-tapping Pakka paapi! Andaaje siguthilla gets its singers right – Sonu and Sunidhi – for the ambient, gorgeous tune. Sadhu gets his peer Harikrishna to croon Tony bandanu, though the result is merely bombastic, not interesting. Raghu Dixit is in top form, as always, Naagu kooguva […]

Rajesh Krishnan owns Bisilu kudure that starts off with its guitar-laden ballad style melody, but takes on the desi twist rather well mid-way. Gand janma and Googly gandasare are catchy, but with rather predictable templates. Pawan Wadeyar lifts the title song with his vocals, aided by Joshua’s engaging tune, while Sonu Nigam and Haricharan are […]

Oh mahiyave extracts fantastic work from Sonu and Shreya, despite sounding a lot like a standard Harris Jeyaraj song. Yeno onthara is no different in its Harris sound, but quite a lovely listen, this, sung by Arjun himself! Kannali kannidu takes on a Rahman template, but the composer is in form with the overall sound, […]

Kanna minche is perfectly functional Arjun Janya melody material – captivating hooks and excellent backgrounds! Sonu’s solo version is equally good, as is the duet with Anuradha Bhat. Anuradha also delivers a competent pathos version too! Vijay Prakash drunk Khali quarter gets its rhythm bang-on, while Two one za two is annoying with its super […]

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