Aurangzeb (Music review), Hindi – Vipin Mishra & Amartya Rahut

Amartya Rahut’s Barbaadiyaan is energetic and catchy, but also oddly hollow – Sasheh Aagha and Ram Sampath’s cool vocals do help, but. Its other, moody version, Barbaadi, by Agnee Mohan is a highly imaginative variant, however. Ex-Parikrama guitarist Vipin Mishra gets Keerthi Sagathia’s apt voice for the serene, rock-tinged-folk tune, Jigra fakira. Marianne D’Cruz’s choir part rocks the ambient title song, while its rock version too is a punchy effort, with excellent guitar. Of the four instrumental pieces by Vipin, Battleground Gurgaon and The Father’s Truth are fantastic, demonstrating Vipin’s virtuosity. Aurangzeb has an interestingly thematic score, led by Vipin.

Keywords: Vipin Mishra, Amartya Rahut, Aurangzeb