Bombay Talkies (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics prop Bachchan well, much like Sukhwinder’s spirited singing, though it’s all for a tad simplistic tune. Akkad bakkad is more like Amit, though – beautifully sung by Mohit Chauhan; but, a bit too familiar within Amit’s repertoire. But he makes up for that with two dramatically divergent versions of Murabba – the milder one with Kavita Seth is wonderfully ambient, while Javed Bashir’s eclectic version takes one to Aamir days! As for the title song, the mash-up version works better than the duet that sounds like Farah Khan film’s end credits. Curious little side-project from Amit Trivedi.

Keywords: Bombay Talkies, Amit Trivedi