David (Music review), Tamil – Prasanth Pillai, Bramfatura, Remo Fernandes, Anirudh Ravichander, Maatibaani & Modern Mafia

Bramfatura’s Vaazhkaiye is entirely within their characteristic moody electronica sound, with Siddharth Basrur doing a wonderful job with the vocals. Maria pitache is yet another Remo template – catchy, albeit done-to-death Goan music, passably sung by Vikram. But Remo’s other song, Lighthouse Symphony is a captivating serenade before it ventures into his vocal circus! Anirudh’s Kanave is appealing, but is a disappointing rehash of his 3 material. Nirali Kartik and Dominique Sylvain (aka Joyshanti) present an intriguing, eclectic and heady French+Tamil mix in Maatibaani’s Theeradhu poga poga. Modern Mafia’s Machi is completely alien to the language Sanjeev Thomas sings in, but the energetic Indie punk sound largely makes up for it! Prashant Pillai’s Manamay, sung by Karthik, is truly Tao Issaro’s (danseuse Daksha Seth’s son) show – pulsating and poignant! Its dub step variant… even more so! Prashant’s other, Iravinil ulavavaa is the most conformist ‘film’ song of the soundtrack, but is gorgeous on its own – lovely lyrics by Yugabharathi and superbly sung by Naresh Iyer (and tentative Tamil by Shweta Pandit). David soundtrack is mighty unconventional for a Tamil film. But where it loses out lyrically, it makes up in audacity and sheer diversity, delivering a vibrant pastiche!

A note on the 6 extra tracks from the Hindi soundtrack of David:
Mikey McCleary’s Reggae-Qawali version of Mast kalandar has a charm of its own, thanks largely to Rekha Bharadwaj’s dependably kick-ass vocals. It’s the rock version (co-composed by Gaurav Godkhindi of Bramfatura fame) of the same song that goes awry with its uneasy mix. Mikey’s other song, Out of control, featuring Nikhil S’Souza and Priti Pillai works significantly better in the Choir version than the vanilla version. Prashant Pillai’s extra song Ya Husain is pious, background’ish Islam in Lucky Ali’s vocals. And Aaron Carvalho’s punk-rock number Three Kills merely sounds staid. The Tamil soundtrack, in comparison, seems like a better compilation.


Keywords: Prasanth Pillai, Bramfatura, Remo Fernandes, Anirudh Ravichander, Maatibaani, Modern Mafia, Tao Issaro, David, Bejoy Nambiar, 200, #200