Varada Nayaka (Music review), Kannada – Arjun Janya

Arjun is in his elements in Baite baite, both in the cool, catchy tune and his own grungy vocals, ably supported by Anuradha Bhat. Yeno kane is the kind of melody that Kannada bestows upon Sonu Nigam, but here Vijay gets it and performs well; Arjun’s music too is punchier with the dash of guitar that defines it! Ondhsari and Morningu are Devi Sri Prasad and Mani Sharma material that have strayed into the wrong state, while the theme is barely functional background music. Varada Nayaka is standard Arjun soundtrack, but for the seeming danger of him getting mildly complacent.

Keywords: Arjun Janya, Varada Nayaka, Sudeep