Once More (Music review), Indipop – Colonial Cousins

Aaiyo re is a lovely ‘rain song’ with Leslie’s guitar playing peekaboo with the gorgeous North Eastern flavor. Janabe ali sounds like new material from Wham! and is catchy in a quirky way. In Ma ma re, Hariharan flexes his vocal prowess while Leslie adds his awkward Indipop at inopportune points. Kaise samjhaye‘s highlight is the pulsating Lezim sound, not its tune. The bluesy, tranquil Tak dhina dhin and Sajnave are the album’s best, despite sounding unusually filmy. Radhe Govind Gopala, seemingly set to raag Vakulabharanam, is a moody follow-up to Krishna. Satisfactory, albeit still 90s’ish, come-back by the Cousins.

Keywords: Leslie Lewis, Hariharan, Colonial Cousins, Once More