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Monday October 29, 2012 21:33

Genius (Music review), Telugu – Joshua Sridhar

Benny and Apoorva whip up a heady kuthu in Chirigina notu! Joshua gets Shweta Mohan into his Kalloori groove in Yevevo kalale – lovely tune, well-orchestrated. But his boringly repetitive patterns emerge in Ambani alludaina and Yededa – painfully bland. Even Ye navvu venakala is no different, but for spirited vocals by Shankar Mahadevan, while […]

Lonely in insanely… insane; an atrocious hodge-podge of assorted genres, topped by Himesh’s ‘lonely lonely’ nose. Balma attempts aping Pancham, with middling results, thanks solely to Shreya. Long drive‘s hiphop Punju sound is appealing, courtesy Mika’s vocals, while, barring Himesh’s horrendous singing, Sari sari raat‘s melody is actually endearing! Hookah bar is terrible techno, even […]

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