Bus Stop (Music review), Telugu – JB & G.Anil

JB’s title song is a zingy string of musical phrases and dialogs… all catchy and very Harris Jayaraj’ish! His other song, Kalalake kanulochina is fantastic – lovely melody wonderfully sung by Revanth, while his theme music, with its Sasi Pritam-style, is endearing. Composer G.Anil brings some masala with I love you and Pattuko pattuko, the former, a rocking kuthu, while the latter, a raucous folk tune by Madurai Chinna Ponnu are adequately catchy and foot-tapping! Anil’s Rekkalochina prema is sung well by Karthik, but is templatized and synthetic. Bus Stop’s soundtrack is a good mainstream mix – modern, adept and punchy.

Keywords: Bus Stop, JB, G.Anil