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Saturday October 27, 2012 21:58

Bus Stop (Music review), Telugu – JB & G.Anil

JB’s title song is a zingy string of musical phrases and dialogs… all catchy and very Harris Jayaraj’ish! His other song, Kalalake kanulochina is fantastic – lovely melody wonderfully sung by Revanth, while his theme music, with its Sasi Pritam-style, is endearing. Composer G.Anil brings some masala with I love you and Pattuko pattuko, the […]

Saturday October 27, 2012 21:56

Ek Din (Music review), Kavita Seth

Tere khayal, seemingly using Maand raga, sounds lovely in Kavita’s evocative voice, while the breezy Yun toh naadan takes cues from Pritam’s style. Chahe dard de and Iss tasavvur hold gorgeous tunes; Kavita‚Äôs tunes and choice of instruments work in their favor; the former’s Charukesi and saarangi base and the latter’s santoor base helps in […]

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