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Original review (April 21, 2012): NW1W. Keywords: Himesh Reshammiya, Karishma Kapoor Revised review (April 22, 2012): Tu hi rab takes time to start and even as that painfully outdated tabla starts, only Rahat seems to be helping, since Tulsi Kumar is atrocious. Naina re does have a spark, with a deeply melodic tune, but it […]

Suchitra’s oomphy vocals too don’t fully salvage a seriously wannabe-sounding Aaranu nee, but thankfully, Doore engo takes a different direction – it’s a wonderfully tuned song that gets its build-up and delivery right, thanks also largely to Sanjeev T’s singing. Akalayo nee gets even better, a pleasant tune beautifully sung by Vijay Yesudas and orchestrated […]

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