Vicky Donor (Music review), Hindi – Abhishek-Akshay, Rochak Kohli, Ayushmann Khurana and Donn & Bann

Rokda is breezy and easy on the ears with some neat guitar in the background. Kho jaane de is reminiscent of Amit Trivedi and that itself is the song’s success, while Rum & Whiskey and Chaddha work for their catchy, techno-Punju flavor. Pani da rang, composed by Rochak Kohli and Ayushmann Khurana (film’s hero; sung by him as well!) is scintillating – delightful guitar-led Punjabi ballad! The female version, arranged by Abhishek-Akshay lacks the same impact. Vishal Dadlani rules Mar jayian, composed by Donn & Bann; it even sounds a bit like a Vishal-Shekhar track! Well put-together, enjoyable soundtrack, this!

Keywords: Vicky Donor, Abhishek-Akshay, Rochak Kohli, Ayushmann Khurana, Donn & Bann