Eega (Music review), Telugu – MM Keeravani

Nene is a sweepingly pleasant reggae-based track that sounds good, but doesn’t go beyond the genre’s conventions. The title song has a flamboyant sound, but strangely the same Jackson-styled rhythm as Dhammu’s Ruler, by Keeravani himself – just faster; very good listen, however! Konchemu ardhamaina is a wonderfully breezy melody with Vijay Prakash in super form. Laava laava is the soundtrack’s highlight; a highly innovative tune with mind-boggling guitar work throughout and fabulously sung by Anuj Gurwara! Eega’s soundtrack sees Keeravani what he’s known for – pushing the bar to interesting new levels; some of it doesn’t entirely work, but welcome effort.

Keywords: Keeravani, MM Keeravani, Eega, SS Rajamouli, Naan Ee