Bittoo Boss (Music review), Hindi – Raghav Sachar & Gajendra Verma

But for overdoing the innuendo-laden Lega usage all over, Bittoo sab ki lega is quirky and catchy. Kaun kenda is sugary sweet template pointlessly rehashed from Yash Raj stable; much like Kick lag gayi, borrowed from Yash Raj’s Band Baaja Baraat stable. Audi at least has some Punju hip-hop attitude going for it, while Kabootar‘s 80s retro mish-mash merely sounds interesting since it is all so noisily messy. Composer Ganjendra Verma paints a Kailasa-like outlook in Mann jaage – a soulfully expansive pathos track, topped by Shahid Mallya’s expressive vocals. Raghav’s iterative music isn’t really heading anywhere or helping much.

Keywords: Bittoo Boss, Raghav Sachar, Gajendra Verma