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Saturday March 31, 2012 08:16

Eega (Music review), Telugu – MM Keeravani

Nene is a sweepingly pleasant reggae-based track that sounds good, but doesn’t go beyond the genre’s conventions. The title song has a flamboyant sound, but strangely the same Jackson-styled rhythm as Dhammu’s Ruler, by Keeravani himself – just faster; very good listen, however! Konchemu ardhamaina is a wonderfully breezy melody with Vijay Prakash in super […]

Saturday March 31, 2012 07:41

Dhammu (Music review), Telugu – MM Keeravani

Despite the ennui-ridden kuthu rhythm, O lilli is a rocking affair; Baba Sehgal nails it with his enthusiastic vocals. With grand, bombastic orchestration and strong Jackson influence, Ruler is mighty impressive – both versions, particularly the CD version by Keeravani himself. Raajaa vasireddy blends a nice folk’ish tune with a more modern kuthu sound to […]

Friday March 30, 2012 22:44

Jannat 2 (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Shafqat and Rahat’s Tu hi mera and Tera deedar hua, respectively, are like songs usually assigned to them – lilting sufi’ish sounds, but not clutter-breaking. KK is extraordinary in the dreamy tune Tujhe sochta hoon, but Nikhil D’Souza mauls its other version. Rab ka shukrana too is a wonderful tune, brilliantly composed by Pritam and […]

Athimara thoppinela makes fabulous use of children’s voices and even the tune is a joyous riot, enthusiastically orchestrated. Chinmayi and Ramesh Vinayagam’s Yaarodum idhuvarai seems like a gorgeously modern take on Mohana Kalyani raaga that Ilayaraja usually reserves for his retro-styled songs. Kanneeril thaan mudiyum has a dramatic sound and is well sung, but the […]

Thursday March 29, 2012 21:21

III (Music review), Indipop – Rabbi

Ganga‘s country’ish drawl and wonderful guitaring are enticing, as it always had been, since this is a much-heard Rabbi song from shows like MTV Unplugged. Cabaret Weimar, despite evoking intriguing German connections, is rather showy in a typical Punju-rap way, but with some wicked guitar, and keyboards by Andrew Rosario Ferrao. Much like Tu hae […]

Tremor, Meinda ishq and Spinning build on the Indian’ness of their momentum in very similar ways; if Tremor uses a vocal route to make this addition to tantalizing effect, with only a hint of Suhail Yusuf Khan’s sarangi, Meinda ishq and Spinning go the whole hog with the sarangi sound in what work like true-blue […]

There are two outstanding facets of Rashid Ali’s debut album – one, the kind of exotic tunes that Rashid consistently delivers; and two, Keith Peters’ guitar, that almost becomes a 2nd voice in almost all the songs. Tunes like Sookhi nadi and the Azeri folk song, Ayrilik (where Faria Choudhary joins Rashid) hold mesmerizing tunes, […]

Remya Nambeesan singer avatar, with that intentionally coarse folk diction, is surprisingly consummate in Aandelonde nere! Yesudas excels in the highly tuneful, retro-styled Anuragini, while Swetha Mohan’s Nisha surabhi seems to hint at Ahir Bhairav, tantalizingly, ably supported by Kamalakar’s flute. Starting with Vallalar’s verses, the conversational Oh Marimaayan is a simple, lively listen, featuring […]

Thursday March 22, 2012 23:05

Durbine Chokh Rakhbo Na (Indipop), Anupam Roy

Rondhre rondhre paap’s highlights are Anupam wonderful vocals and Rajkumar Sengupta’s superb 12 bar blues guitar. Tistaan 2‘s classical rock tune is endearing, while the unique 7/8 beat in Bijli baati gives it a charming folk feel. Ure jaak is the most imaginative song of the album, music-wise and is sweepingly arranged by Debashish Shome. […]

Thursday March 22, 2012 22:27

Vaazhkai DJ (Indipop), Benny Dayal

Vaa ingey has a distinct George Michael flavor (think Star People’s Forthright Mix) – despite heavy auto-tuning, the song is addictive. Kankaatchi too is excessively vocoded, but Benny’s overall mix is catchy. The Garage electro-pop meets Carnatic sound in Swasamum neeye is handled very well by Benny, while the Yuvan-style Pudhu nilavaramo offers a very […]

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