Ishtam (Music review), Tamil – Thaman S

Despite everything Thaman throws into making Vaena vaena, it remains a largely predictable and is actually quite a boring song. Oru megham holds better prospects; this and the other Harris Jeyaraj’ish tune, Dhinaku Dhina that Thaman exports from his own Telugu film Mirapakay, work better – reasonably hummable tunes, treated well in the orchestration, with minimal masala. But Yenmela indru pushes that luck too far and falls flat, while Aaruiyre, despite sounding good musically, has a considerably less sticky tune. Ishtam sees Thaman in a predominantly muted form – the tunes aren’t showy like his usual self and actually sounds labored.

Keywords: Ishtam, Yemaindi Ee Vela, Thaman S, Vimal, Nishal Agarwal