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Karthik valiantly tries his best to salvage O nanna kanda, but the dull tune just refuses to offer any solace. Naanu neenu is even worse – a painfully bland template that Raja offered us back in his peak when songs of this nature were in vogue; but for its sparkling second interlude, this song falls […]

Atif’s presence helps Piya immensely – it is a song tailor-made to suit his range and, together with Shreya Ghoshal, he creates his usual magic. But his other one, Tu mohabbat, just fails to engage. Jeene de, featuring Mohit Chauhan, has an addictive, fervent sound to it. The two songs that wear their Punjabi/Haryanvi outlook […]

If you move past the ear-numbing ennui created by the totally predictable Kunwara and Bipasha, this soundtrack does have something to offer. Not that Darmiyaan is dew fresh, but even when the duo is aping the SEL-Johar sound, they extract lovely work from Shafqat, and Shreya, in the reprise. The soundtrack thankfully peaks with Mujhko […]

Pradeep’s 2 songs – Aasai or pulveli and Vazhi paarthirundhen are remarkably poised and beautifully guitar-backed; the lyrics by Kabilan in the former is particularly lovely! Podi vechu pudippaan takes time in comprehending its flow, but catches on fast enough with its rocking hook! Gaana Bala’s Aadi pona aavani and Nadukadalula are earthy and resonant […]

Wednesday January 11, 2012 18:12

Marina (Music review), Tamil – Girishh G

Haricharan and Manasi’s sprightly Kaadhal oru starts normally enough, but it is in the anupallavi that the tune’s full flow reveals itself – wonderfully addictive. Yelelo‘s music arrangement is first rate and so is the catchy tune that blends beautifully with the rhythm and orchestration. Nanban is an excellent combination of Yugabharathi’s moving lyrics and […]

Tuesday January 10, 2012 18:18

Rangeele (Music review), Indipop – Kailasa

The title song gets everything – lyrics, music and vocals – right, and is the best of the album. Tu kya jaane, Albeliya and Yadaan teriyaan are strongly reminiscent of Kailasa’s earlier works, but still make for an engaging listen. The unabashedly lively Kathagaan is the only one that stands out from the rest of […]

Sunday January 8, 2012 11:56

Top recent listens (December 2011)

Le chalo & Satrangia dil – Tutiya Dil (Hindi – Gulraj Singh) It’s strange that Gulraj Singh debuted with a film that looks downright shady! But, it also proves that one doesn’t need a high-profile script and crew to create good music! Tutiya Dil’s soundtrack serves an ace and indicates that Ganaraj Adiraj was definitely […]

Bhavle jharne and Boitha maro‘s Eastern sound is beautifully enhanced by the tasteful inclusion of modern sounds, particularly in the latter. Barish ke boondein and Din guzrein play out like gorgeous ghazals, in Papon’s expressive voice, while Chhoti chhoti‘s lazy tune and guitar strums are endearing. Duur and Jonaaki raati are fabulously trippy, the latter, […]

Pyaasa-style existential questions, in Rahman’s vocals, rule Kya hai mohabbat, while Dost hai goes full-on hip-hop to retain just one hook from the original. Hosanna, Phoolon jaisi and Sunlo zara are, at best, boy-band’ish pop, but Rashid Ali does elevate the last one, even as it is mauled by inconsistent interlude upgrades. Sharminda hoon‘s lyrics […]

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