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Tuesday January 31, 2012 21:22

La Pongal (Indipop)

Tamil folk music, after being relegated as B-grade affair during the 60s and 70s (it also had a caste-based angle, incidentally), got a massive fillip when Ilayaraja entered the scene in 1975. Raja’s brand of filmy folk music was true to the roots and was enhanced for phenomenal mass appeal. Besides him, occasional Doordarshan-led efforts […]

Ele elega starts almost abruptly, but is a lilting, 80s Hindi style rhythmic melody, sung really well by Vijay Prakash in the solo; the duet version by Rajesh Krishnan and Aishwarya Majundar, and Aishwarya’s solo version, all add to the song’s appeal. Manikanth leads Don’t worry in an odd voice, but Hemanth, Aishwarya and Shasank […]

Monday January 30, 2012 19:09

Dhoni (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

Chinna kanniley is what Raja would have conjured up for director Faazil – the strangely Christian sounding tune, kids’ chorus, all add up to a simple, highly appealing song; Shreya Ghoshal is in fabulous form here, but Naresh Iyer sounds odd and vastly unlike himself, for some inexplicable reason. Na.Muthukumar’s imaginative lyrics around middle-class living, […]

Like overacting, Ali Zafar actually manages to over-sing in the title song – a functional tune made annoying by Zafar. Thankfully, his tune, lyrics and vocals are much better in Voh dekhnay mein; the acoustic version by Aditi sounds spontaneous and cute. Ting rang is sub-standard Punjabi pop, while Thehree si zindagi sees the leads […]

Parvathi, a unique ‘love failure’ song, is sung with the same verve and enthusiasm as Kaadhalikka Neramillai’s Viswanathan Velai Vendum, with hilariously entertaining lyrics; sung very well by Siddharth, at that. Azhaipaya is breezy, with particularly lovely interludes, and beautifully expresses the desperation of waiting for a call from the beloved; Harini sounds vastly unlike […]

The title song may not be entirely fresh, but even in that typical Mani Sharma-package, Anup gets the Poola rangadu hook brilliantly right – it is thoroughly addictive. Okkade okkade and Chocklate, despite Raja Hasan and Udit Narayan’s super enthu vocals, respectively, are way too familiar and standard to make an impact. The two melodies […]

Un kangal has an easy, lilting tune and the Raman Mahadevan-Shreya Ghoshal combo elevate the song considerably with their vocals. Its other version includes Ranina Reddy as a pointless and unnecessary frill. Vairamuthu’s lyrics connecting industrial machinery and workers is Aalaikkaari‘s clear highlight; it has an endearing tune and is well sung by Vijay Prakash […]

Bhavle jharne and Boitha maro are the most obviously Eastern in their sound – the former, a slow, haunting track that gains enormously from the lovely clap-like sound that joins the rhythm and Boitha maaro, that begins sedately, but soon morphs into a pulsating Pancham-style track! Baarish ki boondein and Din guzrein both sound like […]

Monday January 23, 2012 21:15

Nippu (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Vega vega‘s offbeat tune works to its advantage; the chorus, in true Thaman-style, is uniquely catchy. Nena ninnu and Duba duba play around with familiar, ambient tunes that don’t really stand out, while Javed Ali’s Ali Baba has just its repetitive hook going for it. The eight singer Dhiya dhiya is a noisy, extended rehash […]

Sunday January 22, 2012 21:23

Mayilu (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

Nammaloda paattuthaanda, Kalyanamaan kalyanam, Thukkamenna thuyaramenna and Enna kutham evoke pleasant memories of Raja’s past; the first two are harmonious in a typical Raja way, while Thukkamenna’s rhythm and backgrounds are perhaps beautifully symbolic of late 80s and early 90s Tamil Nadu. Enna kutham’s pathos is soulful and heartwrenching, but the sound is sadly outdated. […]

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