Wednesday December 7, 2011

Songs that were not picturized!

Posted by Karthik

These days, there are soundtracks with so many songs (like Rockstar) that you don’t really expect all those songs to be included in the film’s narrative. In fact, directors like Maniratnam have started picturizing only a few songs from the soundtrack and retaining the rest as background pieces! While debating the good and bad of it is not this post’s intent, I was wondering about the songs that you liked, from the soundtrack, but were disappointed to not see it picturized in the film. This was particularly pronounced about a decade ago when there used to only 5-6 songs in an average soundtrack. When there are only 5-6 songs, and you have spent some time with the soundtrack before watching the film, one used to get upset if we did not find all the songs in the film!

I have 4 examples from Tamil, to list here…and the stories I have heard for the lack of inclusion in the respective films!

1. Putham pudhu poo poothadho – Dalapathy

Very few people even know that such a song exists in Maniratnam’s (Rajinikanth’s) Dalapathy. I have heard rumors that this song was axed from the film because it features as the ‘first night’ song when Arvind Swamy marries Shobana, who is paired with Rajinikanth. I was told by friends that Rajnii’s fans won’t take this lightly and hence Maniratnam did not picturize this song… or picturized it only to not add it in the film. I believe this lovely song is based on the carnatic raaga Hamsanandhi.

2. Aadi pattam – Michael Madana Kamarajan

Another beautiful song from a very well known film and many people don’t even know about its existence since it was not picturized. If I recall right, this was a duet featuring Mano and Chithra. The only theory floating in school (back when the film released) was a senior student telling us that this was a very hot ‘scene’ song (meaning sensuous!) and that he has seen it in a special preview show since he knows someone who knows the producer. He asserted that it was so sensuous that the censors did not allow it! We desperately wanted to know which one of the multiple heroines it featured but the senior wasn’t that cooperative after we became that curious!

3. Onnu rendu moonu – Pudhiya Mannargal

Yes, I understand that most songs in Pudhiya Mannargal itself aren’t well known despite it being one of the early scores from Rahman. But this song was actually my favorite in the film. And I happened to see this godawful film only for its songs, in the first week. I had hoped for something soft and family’ish given director Vikraman’s usual template, but this turned out to be his WORST ever…and even included a silly, gruesome rape scene where villains rape one of the heroines in her wedding mantap, on the bloody stage – yes, it was that bad! I haven’t heard any theories on why this song was never picturized or added in the film – it sounds like a normal, harmless boy-girl debate song from the lyrics!

4. Senyore – Kannathil Muthamittal

I forgot this film’s scenes since I recall seeing it long back, but I think I may have heard mild snatches of this lovely song when Madhavan, Simran and Keerthana land in Sri Lanka for the first time, in search of Nandita Das. I don’t know for sure. I recall reading that this song featured (features) actress Malavika (much like Maniratnam’s other items songs featuring actresses other than the film’s heroine – Bombay: Sonali Bendre; Guru: Mallika Sherawat etc.), but don’t know why it was not added in the film. The lyrics are wonderful and the tune, super groovy, in Sri Lankan style!

Recall being upset over some song from the soundtrack not being in the film? Share…along with the reasons that you heard for the exclusion!



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