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NW1W. Perhaps the first every NW1W for a non-film album on Milliblog. The title could have been ‘How to really maul Hindi film classics’. The idea seems interesting, on paper, however. Keywords: Suraj Jagan.

O meri jaane jaan is college-level cuteness that even college kids may have given up these days. But Gaurav Dagaonkar’s 2nd, the title track, does the trick – zingy tune and wonderful vocals by Kshitij. The uncredited Yaad piya ki aaye (with arrangements by Dipanjan Guha) is superb – in terms of the bluesy orchestration […]

Sachin’s singing is clearly over the top in Hairat zada hoon main, but Ravindra Jain’s tune and orchestration has a pleasant ring to it, in a nostalgic way. Ek farishta, on the other hand, is over the top in its tune, accentuated by Kavita Seth’s labored vocals. Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se’s title song is interestingly […]

Haan yahi pyaar hai overdoses on cliched lyrics (can the government declare ‘Dheere dheere haule haule’ as an illegal phrase), but has a charming ring to it. Wake up now sounds like poor man’s Vishal Shekhar; all sound with no zing, while Mahi mahi is massively cringe-worthy Punjabi template. Daler and Mamta Sharma’s Katto gilehri […]

Abhijit Hegde Patil’s Someone Somebody is blasé; its remix, even more so. George Theofanous’s Mile na tu makes up with some enthusiasm, but fails to make any impact. Sajid-Wajid’s title song is incredibly insipid that it’s a wonder that the duo were called in to compose this. That leaves Pritam with 3 remaining tracks of […]

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