Damadamm! (Music review), Hindi – Himesh Reshammiya and Sachin Gupta

The catchy title song is quite likeable! Umrao jaan can make you hate it, like you love it…curiously bizarre and addictive! Hum tum and Yun toh hold gorgeous tunes…so good that you can even overlook Himesh’s below-average vocals! But, despite Mango’s engrossing melody, its brainless lyrics kill it. Sachin Gupta’s Bhool jaaunn is templatized, but pleasant enough. Himesh’s sorry form rears its head in Tere bina, I need my space and Aaja ve, but the man aces the soundtrack with Madhushala – an imaginative composition with an impressive dual-vocal act by Himesh! Damadamm is a surprisingly appealing effort from Himesh!

Keywords: Himesh Reshammiya, Damadamm