Thursday July 21, 2011

Kandireega (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Posted by Karthik

Gentleman‘s catchy chorus hook is what makes it tick; enjoyably massy even as the overall tune around it fumbles aimlessly. Champakamala is typical Thaman material! Beautifully orchestrated simple, foot tapping tune…generous sprinkling of mindless English phrases and super singing by Karthik and Suchitra – winning combo! Nenkudithey has a plethora of singers (six!) and is a racy kuthu track that flounders where it matters most for a kuthu – the hook. Angelina and Premey are Thaman sleepwalking through his tune bank – mundane. Thaman may need to take stock of his Telugu material; things are getting a bit jaded there.

Keywords: Thaman S, Kandireega



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