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Sometimes nelapaina, Nee navvula and Hey Okka merupai meander along without causing any kind of impact, but, thankfully, Saathyamena rekindles Joshua’s sound from his Tamil debut; with Karthik and Swetha crooning, this is a lovely listen. Vayase nidura, after that soft start, builds up the melody quite well into a very tuneful song! Fashion show […]

Egase‘s mild middle eastern flavor is a lovely touch, with Anoop himself singing the track really well, while the rabble rousing rhythm of Kodipunju in the folksy tune is great listen too! Chitti chitti borrows a lot from Rahman’s style, but both Sabeeha and MLR Karthikeyan’s individual male and female versions offer a sweetly languorous […]

Thursday July 21, 2011 21:40

Kandireega (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Gentleman‘s catchy chorus hook is what makes it tick; enjoyably massy even as the overall tune around it fumbles aimlessly. Champakamala is typical Thaman material! Beautifully orchestrated simple, foot tapping tune…generous sprinkling of mindless English phrases and super singing by Karthik and Suchitra – winning combo! Nenkudithey has a plethora of singers (six!) and is […]

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