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Sunday July 31, 2011 18:28

Of armchair epiphanies in just one life…

I happened to see Delhi Belly last weekend and enjoyed it immensely. This weekend, I caught up with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, after a lot of prodding from a LOT of friends who assured me that I would ‘love it’. And guess what! I have some amazingly perceptive friends. Or, I’m so easy to comprehend, […]

The title song is is juvenile and silly, despite some feeble effort with the peppy rhythm. Desi beat is equally bad – banally repetitive! Thankfully, Himesh works hard on the tune of Teri meri; lovely melody, beautifully sung by Rahat and Shreya, even if the arrangements are largely underwhelming. But it is guest-composer Pritam who […]

Bhoome gundramga and Godava are every bit the kind of dancy tracks one expects from Devi, and the man sure knows how to push the right buttons even amidst the mundane. Neeraj Shridhar’s Telugu Bengali and Jaspreet Jasz’s (and Suchitra) Ye pilla are heady and instantly catchy masala numbers. Hello hello and Diwali deepaanni are […]

Sometimes nelapaina, Nee navvula and Hey Okka merupai meander along without causing any kind of impact, but, thankfully, Saathyamena rekindles Joshua’s sound from his Tamil debut; with Karthik and Swetha crooning, this is a lovely listen. Vayase nidura, after that soft start, builds up the melody quite well into a very tuneful song! Fashion show […]

Egase‘s mild middle eastern flavor is a lovely touch, with Anoop himself singing the track really well, while the rabble rousing rhythm of Kodipunju in the folksy tune is great listen too! Chitti chitti borrows a lot from Rahman’s style, but both Sabeeha and MLR Karthikeyan’s individual male and female versions offer a sweetly languorous […]

Thursday July 21, 2011 21:40

Kandireega (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Gentleman‘s catchy chorus hook is what makes it tick; enjoyably massy even as the overall tune around it fumbles aimlessly. Champakamala is typical Thaman material! Beautifully orchestrated simple, foot tapping tune…generous sprinkling of mindless English phrases and super singing by Karthik and Suchitra – winning combo! Nenkudithey has a plethora of singers (six!) and is […]

Anjana Anjana‘s gorgeous, progressive build-up, brilliant use of the harmony and violin interludes is reminiscent of Rahman’s early work; sounds lovely! Nagarudhe seems similar in its musical approach and also borrows mild cues from Thaman’s best song yet – Paniye from Ayyanar. Mudivilla mazhaiyodu and Kanchana Mala take on highly rhythmic tunes and beautifully orchestrated […]

Kolaikaaraa makes up for that utterly jaded and abused stock rhythm by framing a mesmerizing tune in Gowrimanohari; this is typical Vidyasagar-style masterly melody. Netru illai illai ups the ante beautifully! Why wouldn’t it? In Vidyasagar’s capable hands, we get yet another Mayamalava Gowlai melody orchestrated to perfection! The item number Hey karuppa paraendaa is […]

Ranina Reddy’s seductive vocals gels with Maalai mangum neram’s sedate tune; it does offer an enchanting combination that impresses almost immediately. Golimaare is no doubt peppered with a funky, massy sound, but strangely the tune completely fails to engage, while Adiye un kangal is passably catchy, beyond its absurd lyrics. The theme song is largely […]

Prasoon’s lyrics faintly touch SEL’s Achha lagta hai, from Kuch Naa Kaho, in Achha lagta hai(!), but changes tone into a playful, colloquial, immensely addictive banter. What works significantly in favor of Mauka is the ‘Other Mahadevan’ factor; the ‘chanace’ given to Raman Mahadevan adds wonderfully fresh appeal to this high-energy track. Pt. Channulal Mishra […]

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