I Am (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi, Rajiv Bhalla & Vivek Philip

Wundoo yeredoo‘s multi-lingual mix is fabulously packaged in a pulsating techno wrapper. Rajiv Bhalla’s other song, Bhojhal se works big time with its affecting tune and KK’s engaging vocals. Karthik tries hard in Vivek Philip’s Aankhein, but it is largely staid. Then…we have Amit Trivedi! The musical nuances in Baangur and Saye saye are undeniably Amit, but…a few notes here, an instrument there…the stereotype shows, disappointingly so! It is more pronounced in Issi baat pe that sounds like Ek hulchul si‘s rough draft, despite being highly listenable. I Am has an interesting soundtrack, but it isn’t compelling enough…despite Amit Trivedi.

Keywords: I Am, Onir, Amit Trivedi, Vivek Philip, Rajiv Bhalla

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